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Eddie Higgins -《Christmas Songs》(爵士耶诞曲)[FLAC]


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专辑英文名:  Christmas Songs
专辑中文名:  爵士耶诞曲
歌手:  Eddie Higgins
音乐风格:  爵士
资源格式:  FLAC
发行时间:  2005年12月03日
地区:  美国,日本
语言:  英语

    Venus旗下的艾迪.希金斯这位钢琴老将已经有超过五十年的演奏经验。此次艾迪.希金斯以他最喜爱的演奏组合三重奏方式,献上集结了眾多经典耶诞名曲的《白色耶诞Ⅰ&Ⅱ》为大家打造浪漫轻鬆、温馨可爱的白色耶诞节!欢愉轻快的「Let It Snow」为耶诞揭开序曲、祝福满满的「Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas」、与「The Christmas Waltz」浪漫唯美的氛围,让情人也跟著沉醉,以及圣歌「Silent Night」为耶诞增添更多神圣庄严,曲曲动听的爵士耶诞曲目,让您天天都是耶诞节!
维纳斯给了爵士乐新生命、维纳斯就是爵士乐的代名词 Venus Gives New Life To Jazz. Venus is Jazz. Venus制作人原哲夫先生:「Venus爵士乐希望能够带给乐迷们如同坐在Jazz Club第一排中间座位听音乐那样的感动。因此,请大家在自己心爱的音响系统中聆听Venus,重现舞台的原貌。相信一定可以让您们享受到真正的Acoustic Jazz Sound!」 来自日本的Venus厂牌,成立於1992年,录制了为数眾多的经典爵士名盘,其音乐层次丰富、充满渲染力,而能让听眾如临现场的高水準录音品质也是Venus的一大特色,不少专辑都陆续推出了高音质HQCD版及黑胶版,旗下唱片更屡屡荣获日本专业爵士乐杂誌Swing Journal金赏奖。原哲夫在Venus中投入了对爵士乐的热情,迄今,Venus已成为日本爵士乐界最受瞩目的厂牌之一。 CD编号 :         tkjv19156 艺人/团体 :         艾迪希金斯三重奏 Eddie Higgins Trio - 查看所有专辑 专辑名称 :         Christmas Songs 音乐类型 :         黑胶唱片  [黑胶唱片 三重奏] 发行公司/日期 :         极光 2005/12/3 制作公司 :         VENUS 内含片数 :         1                           艾迪希金斯三重奏/ 艾迪希金斯三重奏:爵 Eddie Higgins Trio- Eddie Higgins Trio:Christmas Songs           ‧唱片公司: 极光音乐           ‧类别: CD发烧爵士           ‧唱片编号: TKCV35340           ‧发行日期: 2004年11月03日           ‧内容物:1片装
Artist: Eddie Higgins Trio Title Of Album: Christmas Songs Year Of Release: 2005 Label: Venus Records Genre: Jazz, Christmas Jazz Total Time: 52:36 min
Eddie Higgins (piano) Jay Leonhart (bass) Joe Ascione (drums) Every year at this time I choose a favorite jazz Christmas  album to share with you. My annual selection has nothing to do with new releases or hot new artists. My criterion simply is beauty, which isn't so easy, since a great Christmas album is hard to find. For me, most tend to be too solemn or sticky sweet. Just right is a fine line in this genre. To make the cut, a holiday jazz album needs to be uplifting and sentimental, but not dreary or noisy. I know, I know—picky, picky. My evergreen selection this year is Eddie Higgins' Christmas Songs. Recorded in 2004, the album features pianist Higgins [pictured]  with bassist Jay Leonhart and drummer Joe Ascione. What I love about Christmas Songs is the drifting-feather quality of Higgins' piano playing, not to mention the perfect song list. All the chestnuts are here, and Higgins roasts each one with jolly grace. Higgins, who died in 2009, was one of those rare jazz pianists who knew exactly where the best chord  voicings were hidden on the keyboard. He also knew how to cover the entire ivory landscape without pounding or over-indulging. As you listen to him play (on all of his albums, in fact), you can almost hear song lyrics dancing around in his head. On Christmas Songs, Higgins delivers a top-hat-and-tails holiday card with just a peck of jazz mischief and a pinch of frosty nostalgia.
Eddie Higgins - piano Jay Leonhart - bass Joe Ascione - drums Recorded at Avatar Studio in New York on July 7 & 8 , 2004

专辑曲目:   01. Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow 3:41 02. Christmas Song 5:15 03. I'll Be Home For Christmas 4:29 04. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 4:35 05. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 3:34 06. O Little Town Of Bethlehem 4:49 07. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 4:19 08. The Christmas Waltz 3:25 09. White Christmas 4:43 10. Winter Wonderland 6:16 11. Deck The Hall With Boughs Of Holly 3:42 12. Sleight Ride 3:48

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